Weeknotes #3

This week’s weeknote is a little later and shorter than planned. I had a banging headache for much of last week which really affected my whole being. A little rest and recuperation helped no end.

Building on last week’s theme of the importance of quality relationships, one of things that has struck me this week is the role of open and valued conversations. Conversations are key to the exchange of thoughts and ideas. By listening to each other while observing facial and body expressions, they are a great way to learn and develop positive relationships.

I have been doing this more and more. It may seem resourceful, but for me it is crucial for developing and nurturing relationships, and enhancing my understanding of topics or issues. There is also something really energising about not knowing where the conversation is going to go and the potential to unearth something amazing. It is much more effective than sharing thoughts and ideas in larger groups, where I have found that things don’t tend to land. The relational way of working is definitely the way forward.

Thank you to Sarah Powell, Owen Lewis, Tanya Nash, Owen Hathway, James OwensMab Jones, and my fellow students on my Cardiff University Life Writing Course for the great and useful conversations this week.

Thinking about relationships… I was so pleased to hear that Cardiff City Council has taken the decision to divest pensions from fossil fuels. This was in a week when Extinction Rebellion‘s peaceful direct action outside Cardiff Castle very obviously and noticeably demonstrated what a different kind of relationship with the environment could look like. A transport system that is designed around people and not cars, and how we can improve the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of current and future generations.


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Things I have learnt and/or reaffirmed this week:

Conversations are key to the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and a great way to learn and develop positive relationships.

What am I committing to do:

Conversations to be my preferred choice of communication

Podcasts that I have listened to:

Fortunately… with Fi and Jane. Deforesting the territory with Ros Atkins

Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd. School’s Out: time for LGBT-inclusive education

People Fixing the World. Trieste’s mental health revolution

Akimbo: a podcast from Seth Godin. Not really having this argument

Cheerful Book Club. The Three Dimensions of Freedom by Billy Bragg

About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge. Things can only get better

TED Talks that I have watched:

Mick Cornett. How an obese town lost a million pounds

Webinars that I have watched:

Good Practice Exchange. Key issues for Regional Partnership Boards

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