Rachel PhotoIt’s always an interesting one… what aspects of ‘me’ do I highlight? Yes, I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie… and all of these do play out in an interesting dynamic to help create and shape who I am, what I am interested in, what I value.

I love sport, design, photography, music, writing, and being outside in the fresh air, particularly in the mountains or by the coast – heaven.

I have a keen interest in feminism, social justice, education, health, and politics.

I meditate every day, have been a vegetarian for 34 years, and sing in a choir.

I studied BA (hons) Geography in Aberystwyth University, and an MSc Society and Space and PhD in Bristol University.

In my ‘working life’, I have recently completed a secondment to the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales where I led on policy, insight and health for the Commissioner’s flagship programme, Art of the Possible.

In my substantive post, I was Head of Insight at Sport Wales, the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales. I am back in Sport Wales playing a key role in realising our new strategy.

I am also a Parent Governor at Ysgol Gymraeg y Ffin, which I absolutely love. Ysgol Gymraeg y Ffin is a Welsh-medium primary school that serves all of south Monmouthshire. We aim to provide the opportunity, through the Welsh language, for our children to develop into rounded individuals, enabling them to play a positive and constructive role in society.

And not forgetting, I am proud to be a Non-executive Director of EAS Wales, the Education Achievement Service for South East Wales. Our mission is to transform pupil outcomes, create capacity through networks, and enable excellence in teaching and leadership.

Unusual fact: my husband and I appeared in a Visit Wales TV advertising campaign in 2012. Check it out here.

So, in case you hadn’t guessed, this is my personal site. It is a space for my blog, weeknotes and other writing, and to showcase some of my photography.

Why have I named my site Connecting the Dots? Well, I was inspired by a couple of Steve Jobs quotes (check out my first blog). I love the concept of connecting dots. The dots represent our experiences, people, places, information. The connecting element is the process, our behaviours, our learning, how we make connections between things. The more dots we have, the greater the options we have to connect and be creative.

In essence, I want this to be an informative and creative space – that stimulates thinking, sparks discussion, spreads ideas, advocates exploration…

…provides more dots, and the opportunity to connect those dots.

So, please join me on this journey of discovery… [dot, dot, dot]

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This is my personal site. The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employers, Sport Wales, or Ysgol Gymraeg y Ffin and EAS Wales . The information I provide here is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

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